Summer Support and/or Reading Practice K – 3 – The Summer Support Sessions provide lessons that are designed to support current grade-level skills in Reading, Writing, Math, or any other subjects that a student would like to maintainĀ  some consistency with over the summer. The goal of this tutoring option is to retain information during the summer months that a student has already learned within theirĀ  regular school year. If a student needs to relearn skills or wants to advance to new topics, they should enroll in Standard Tutoring.

Reading Practice is a way to engage students in reading activities over the summer months that will help them maintain fluency, motivate a more determined mindset, and expand critical thinking skills while exploring stories based on their individual interests. Specific attention will be made to build on the strengths that a student has, while gently increasing their reading abilities. The goal is to motivate and challenge students while fostering and developing a love of reading for pleasure.

Summer Support Services are offered for 10 weeks, beginning after June 20 and concluding prior to Labor Day. Custom sessions are also available to accommodate camp, vacations, and student needs.