Paper Editing Grades K -12 and College -This is a service for any students who need some guidance with planning, creating and editing essays, reports, creative writing, and research papers. For younger students, graphic organizers are used, and students are taught how to use them for planning purposes prior to writing. Instruction is provided to help these students learn how to use organizers to create essays, papers, and reports that are not only well written but are also formatted correctly. Techniques in self-editing are also demonstrated so students can learn how to self-correct and check their work prior to submitting their work for review. For younger students, Paper Editing Tutoring provides good support and is particularly helpful for students with executive functioning deficiency.

For students at the high school or college level, papers can be submitted for review and editing suggestions will be determined prior to meeting to discuss it online. We will work together to continue to make corrections and edit work during our online session. Students who prefer to have more assistance with papers than just editing can arrange that, knowing that multiple drafts of papers will require multiple sessions.