The Tutoring Page, recognizes that there is a need for quality, customized tutoring at affordable prices. With the new online learning models, students are especially vulnerable not only to potential gaps in their academic achievement, but also to losing the momentum and desire to learn. Students are most likely to thrive when they can establish personal relationships with instructors who recognize their strengths, support their needs, and provide opportunities for growth. The Tutoring Page strives to build this kind of relationship with students by creating learning experiences that help to enhance each student’s feelings of self-confidence and pride in their efforts. The Tutoring Page is committed to collaborating with parents who wish to support their children as they reach their true potential and meet their educational goals by offering a variety of affordable options.

The Tutoring Page provides fun, friendly, personalized tutoring that is designed to fit each student’s learning style while being sensitive to cost. Although the hourly rate is standard, that hour can be customized to fit your child and your family so that you can meet for an hour over a 2 week period. There is no minimum required for the number of hours per week, although a consistent schedule is necessary and will be arranged based on your child’s needs.

It is my goal to help you assess the needs of your child. We will come up with a custom plan that best suits their learning style, attention level, and ability to engage, so that they can actively participate in an online learning program that is comfortable, positive, and effective.