Tutoring ServicesStandard Tutoring- Grades K-3 – This style of tutoring is offered for students who need specific support in Reading, Writing, Math, History, and Science to help them acquire or retain current grade level standards. Skills taught will be specific to the areas of a student’s needs. The goal is to build on the knowledge that a student already has and give them the kind of confidence that inspires them to want to learn more.

Phonics Tutoring- Grades K-3- Grade-level practice in skills that are taught in a variety of school phonics programs. Phonics tutoring can help with Reading, Spelling, and Writing, and it is a good way to support the lessons that students are learning in their school Phonics curriculum. I have training in Fundations, and can use these lessons to help teach phonics skills.

Math Tutoring Grades- K-3 – Common-core standards will be followed to help support grade-level learning in math. Specific skills will be addressed, and lessons will be individualized to focus on areas of a student’s need while providing opportunities that utilize their strengths to build their confidence.

Reading Tutoring- Grades K-3 – Tutoring will address reading fluency and comprehension and will be structured to support individual reading levels. Lessons can be customized to include stories and topics that students enjoy as they improve their reading and comprehension skills. Lessons will be supported with guidance on how to relate comprehension questions to information that is specific to information in the text, and students will learn how to format their answers using key words in the questions to form more complete full-sentence answers. Students will also learn how to read more proactively and highlight main ideas and information that will help them with comprehension and working memory.

Writing Tutoring Grades- K – 12 – This tutoring will not only support students with their creative writing, but the goal is to teach students how to respond to questions about text with full sentences and relevant information when working in other areas of the curriculum like Science, History, and Social Studies. Students who need support in writing responses will learn how to actively read questions related to text and find key words that will help them formulate appropriate responses. There will also be a focus on relating to the information in the text and responding in a writing style that is both clear and expressive and demonstrates the student’s understanding of the material. They will also learn how to rewrite facts in their own words.

Video Support Lessons- Grades K – 3 – Video lessons that review and demonstrate skills as well as support the tutoring lessons and are available for Phonics, Reading, and Math, and can be created for Science and History if there is a need.

Homework Support – Grades K – 8 – This service is for students who would like support and attention while completing homework assignments and projects that are assigned by their school. This tutoring can be customized for a specific subject or project to meet the needs of the student.